As some of you know, I am the adviser of Central Penn’s creative writing club, The Knight Writers. In fact, I founded the club in 2011 with an amazing young man named Greg Jones. Greg was a tremendous poet and storyteller with a charisma that kept the club attracting new members all the time.

Today we have a strong leadership team, our own pubMaria_openmiclication (The Central Pen) and we host quarterly events and fundraisers. This week we are bringing in Kali Miester, an actress, a playwright, a comedian and spoken word artist, an activist and a medium.

Kali describes herself as 70’s white trash Sylvia Plath like disco queen… Whatever you want to call her, call her survivor. Kali will be sharing her survivor story in verse on Thursday, March 3rd at Central Penn College at 4:00 in room 202 in the ATEC building.

The reading will be in the midst of our fundraiser for Women at Risk International, a fabulous organization that is fighting against the global crisis that is human trafficking.

Come see the jewelry these freed-women have created. Listen to the powerful spoken word of Kali Meister. And for God’s sake eat some chicken. Yes. Chicken. I’ll see you Thursday, March 3rd at 4 PM in room 202, ATEC at Central Penn College (Summerdale, PA.)