Maria James-Thiaw

Haun-JusticeThe American Griot Project is where oral history and the arts embrace! It gives us a chance to honor a variety of phenomenal women and their contributions to society. Some are women of witness, some are warriors; Others girded up the warriors with their nurturing, loving ways as moms, teachers and church mothers. Remembering their sacrifices can help us appreciate the freedoms we enjoy and give us the strength to stand up for justice in these difficult times.

In West Africa, the griot (gree – oh) is the person responsible for maintaining a community’s history. The griots keep track of every family and can tell their community’s story in the form of music or poetry.

History, poetry and performance all come together to honor women’s role in our society in the American Griot Project.

Part 1:  Oral History

So often, we honor men for their contributions big and small, while women stand…

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