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What to write? What to write? Can I write about the amazing poets I got to spend time with on Saturday at the Small Press Expo? Or Monday at Diverse in Verse at Harrisburg Area Community College? The instant I realized I know most of HACC’s librarians and English professors? Maybe I could write about the tornado warnings that invaded my classroom Monday night? Or the child with strep throat that kept me home from work today…and my own itchy throat.

The most exciting experience happened after the expo…I have joined the ranks of many Central PA poets now. I too have lost Marty.


Have you ever lost a poet?

I did. A senior poet in an unfamiliar city; I lost my charge.

Not just any poet — One of those pillar poets.

they hold up all the other poets;

the wall poets, the roof poets, the ceiling poets, the balcony poets–

it’s the pillars you depend on, look to for encouragement;

they make sure shit doesn’t fall down.

I lost a pillar poet on Saturday.

The wandering scribe floated into a coffeehouse like

the scent of espresso floats out .

Hypnotized by his usual shiny objects….

coffee, sunny days, pretty girls and art

but he crashed like our ceiling would if he weren’t here

and I felt the earth wobble on its axis for a minute

and I felt the sky turn bluer, the sun dimmer

when I realized that he’s been holding shit up for 77 years and

things don’t stay the same;

Things would never be the same if

we lost a pillar poet.

Marty Esworthy was found and is doing okay. I hope you like this one… I’m waiting to read yours!