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I find that when I am in the presence of poets or musicians, the Muse is there too. Today at the Small Press Expo in York, I was blessed to hear readings from Dustin Nispel, Shaashawn Dial-Snowden, Marian Dornell and a host of other poets and authors. One line from Shaashawn’s poem really hit me (and I may not have it exact, but this is close…) “There was a head wrap around my womb…”

The poem was in her collection, Estrogen in the Atmosphere. I got my copy on Amazon. But it made me think of the womb and all of the hurting women I see posting online about health problems that affect their ability to have children. (Now, this isn’t what Shaashawn’s poem was about, but that is where the line took me. See how the Muse works?)

So I wrote this – again, it is rough, but consider this draft 1. The title may even change but for now, it is “Endo” which is short for endometriosis. Maybe it will grow as a tribute to a woman on Facebook that posted about her pain and desire for a child earlier this week.


There are shards in my womb

No safe place for the little girl

that still giggles and plays

behind my eyes.

Why does she continue to tease me

with whispers

when she will never breathe?

So for tomorrow, go to a poetry reading or watch an episode of Culture and Main and see how the voices of other poets inspire you. Leave me a comment and let me know how it is going!