April is National Poetry Month AND National Jazz Month. All I need is it to be Coffee Month and my life will be complete. Sadly, however, I haven’t written a poem all month. I mean, I scribbled a bit here and there but that’s it. Do you ever find yourself so busy doing “poetry stuff” that you don’t have time to be a poet? Something is wrong!

This National Poetry Month I am challenging myself – and I challenge you as well – to commit no less than 15 minutes per day to writing a poem. It doesn’t have to be a masterpiece. It just has to be real. Let’s get out out of the habit of putting other things above our art! This is the time to get re-inspired.

One thing that will help, will be to read poetry. Central Pennsylvania poet, Melanie Simms has a new book out. Other locals have fabulous books: Dustin Nispel, Christine Lincoln, Marion Dornell….I must read them all.

Let this month move you to dig up inspiration wherever you can find it. I will post my poem scraps here. I expect you all to keep me accountable! Tomorrow’s writing prompt….Coffee and Jazz.  Whatever images those words inspire in you…let it flow!

Love, Peace & Poetry (and coffee…and jazz!)