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ImageOn Saturday, July 14th I went with Snow, the self-proclaimed Ambassador of Poetry, to York PA where the old Sparky n’ Clark’s has transformed into this cute coffeehouse called New Grounds. The decor was sophisticated and the barista, a young black kid, around 17 or so,  was as sweet as the peanut butter and chocolate frappe he made me.

New Grounds has a window through which you can see their back room, The Spot. It has this amazing bright red man sized coffee contraption (a grinder?) in the center and a stage with beautiful brown women gathering coffee beans.

Poets from York, Lancaster, Cumberland and Dauphin Counties packed the house that night to enjoy Three Deep, a spoken word showcase. Rappers, singers, and page poets were in the mix to enjoy some of the most incredible and prolific spoken word artists in PA. G.I., the host of Poetic Soul in Lancaster, author and performer Sankofa the Poet, York’s Poet Laureate Carla Christopher, and so many others.

Carla hosted the show with Harrisburg’s own Tiger Rose. The mic was on fire with all of the talent in the room. I even got the chance to spit when some of the scheduled performers were no shows. But when I got up there I realized that I couldn’t see the words on the page I held. It was getting dark.

Apparently, a fuse had blown in the building. A massive storm came in and it was H-O-T hot. But the show was so dynamic, that we all stayed. Eventually New Grounds got everything working again, and I definitely know I want to go back to that place. I want to enjoy that show again. I hope I get the chance to grace that stage once more, and taste the masterpiece of the cute college bound  barista, and yet, The Spot at New Grounds will always be remembered as the place where I was when I heard…

…the verdict.